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Structural Insulated Panels.

In a response to the less than innovative residential construction industry, North Wind Building Systems in collaboration with CCHDesigns is taking the initiative to drastically change the construction, energy efficiency, and quality of First Nations Housing.

Designed to break the mold of traditional construction techniques by changing the typical foundation system, walls & roof by introducing Structural Insulated Panels and their vast array of energy efficiency and economical construction detailing.

What we Offer.

Duplexes, Triplexes, Bungalows, and Micro homes

The roof construction consists of, a solar panel (3rd party engineering), a standing seam metal cladding system, a 12-1/4″ Modern SIP roof           (R-58), and a coated drywall system. 

The wall construction consists of, a Modern smooth panel fibre cement cladding, triple-pane high-performance window & door glass, a multi-point locking door mechanism, an 8-1/4″ SIP wall (R-38), and a PVC coated drywall system.

The PWF Fndn. construction consists of, 8-1/4″ (R-38), and PWF Footing construction that eliminates the need for expensive concrete construction.

SIPs are stronger than wood frame construction. Consider that in conventional framing, loads are distributed along 2×6 studs spaced 12″, 16″ or even 24″ o/c. That’s why traditional construction is often referred contemptibly as “stick-built“, or repetitive member framing. When you build with SIPs, the same loads are evenly distributed across the entire panel, making your home structurally superior to traditional stud framing.

Nibinamik First Nation

Tadoule Lake First Nation

Wasagamack First Nation


At NW Building Systems our team of skilled tradesmen have constructed numerous custom-built homes & commercial projects for First Nations communities. ISC & CMHC submission services are also offered.


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