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Job Site Benefits

SIPs improves a project’s overall efficiency and job site accuracy. When you use NW Building Systems ready-to-assemble (RTA) package, the building can start as soon as the SIPs are delivered, using our detailed, high-quality shop drawings and installation guide.

Building with ready-to-assemble SIPs also reduces your dependence on framing crews. Utilizing smaller crews decreases your overhead labor costs and limits the time your crew stands around waiting for materials or a foreman. In fact, using structural insulated panels reduces framing labor needs by as much as 55% according to a study conducted by RS Means for BASF.

Additionally, using prefabricated SIPs significantly reduces job site waste. In short, material utilization rates can be as high as 93% according to a different BASF study. This is because the structural insulated panels are manufactured off-site and delivered to your job site ready to assemble.

Another benefit is the decrease in job site material walk-off and theft since SIPs allow you to lock up a building faster than a stick-built building.

Finally, building with NW Building Systems SIPs means you receive your delivery when it was scheduled. We leverage our strong relationships with logistics companies while coordinating with you. This ensures your SIP system package arrives perfectly timed for the next step in your construction process.

We recognize that the most successful projects are well-planned ones. It’s why we offer builders and architects extensive technical resources, including product and technical details as well as construction assembly details. Your access to online instructional videos, on-site technical advisors, and our hands-on seminars at NW Building Systems University, means we are always available for expert advice and assistance during and after your SIP install.

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