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NW Building Systems is a team of accomplished builders in operations since 2014. We construct custom-built homes & commercial projects for First Nations communities.

The Effective Teamwork

Implementing highly efficient and innovative building materials NW Building Systems constructs homes faster, with fewer errors than conventional constructions.

Team of Professionals

The NW Building Systems team consists of project managers, engineers, architects, and construction crews. All members are capable of assisting with ISC & GMGC Submissions.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs)

Benefits of using SIPS

Job Site Benefits

SIPs improve a project’s overall efficiency and job site accuracy. When you use NW Building Systems ready-to-assemble (RTA) package, building can start as soon as the SIPs are delivered...

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Lower Energy Bills

Traditional stick-framed homes and structures are less energy-efficient than SIP homes because they are more prone to energy loss (or gain if the climate outside is warmer than inside the home)...

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Superior Construction

Structurally superior construction that is up to 3X stronger than conventional drywall and framing. NW Building Systems industry-leading, ready-to-assemble (RTA) building system gives residential and commercial builders...

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At NW Building Systems our team of skilled tradesmen have constructed numerous custom-built homes & commercial projects for First Nations communities. ISC & CMHC submission services are also offered.


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