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Build Faster, and More Efficiently, With SIPS

Structurally superior construction that is up to 3X stronger than conventional drywall and framing.

NW Building Systems industry-leading, ready-to-assemble (RTA) building system gives residential and commercial builders a competitive edge over traditional stick frame construction. Our system facilitates faster framing times, less job-site waste, and a reduced dependency on traditional framing crews.

The NW Building Systems SIP system accelerates construction time because SIPs are truer, straighter, and faster to install than stick framing. This faster assembly means building with SIPs is not as affected by the seasons. In fact, building with SIPs can reduce the time needed to reach the dry-in phase by up to 50%.

NW Building Systems ready-to-assemble SIPs also eliminate on-site, on-the-fly calculations, and cutting. In turn, the chances for error and the resulting delays on your project, diminish. Precisely cut in a controlled manufacturing environment, your NW Building Systems SIPs meet your exact blueprint specifications. This means the panels arrive at your job site as a true, ready-to-assemble building system.

Prefabricated Building Method

Prefabricated building methods are in high demand, and NW Building Systems SIPs are a great prefab building solution.  For example, NW Building Systems SIPs combine a building’s framing and insulation into one step. Thus, reducing the need for two subcontractors – framers and insulation installers. Additionally, wire chases for electrical can be cut ahead of time, during the manufacturing process, at standard heights for outlets and switches as well as wherever they are specified in the construction drawings.

Finally, with NW Building Systems ready-to-assemble package, the lumber needed during the installation process is pre-cut. This includes the lumber for the window and door bucks as well as the panel-to-panel connections. The lumber is pre-installed where possible. All additional materials needed for panel installation are provided, including sealant, tape, foam, fasteners, and building wrap.

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At NW Building Systems our team of skilled tradesmen have constructed numerous custom-built homes & commercial projects for First Nations communities. ISC & CMHC submission services are also offered.


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